Guangdong XXX building materials Group is located in Shihuldang Town Industrial Park (new factory), Songjiang District, Guangdong City, covering an area of 70 mu, building area of 60,000 square meters, under the membership of China Building Materials Industry Association, is specialized in the production of aluminum plastic composite board Aluminum veneer large joint-stock enterprises, production experience, strong technical force, with more perfect production and processing equipment and strict quality monitoring means Group subordinate company: guangdong so-and-so building materials group co., LTD., zhengzhou so-and-so decorative material co., LTD., zhejiang so-and-so instrument co., LTD., yueqing so-and-so suye co., LTD., yueqing so-and-so instrument co., LTD., guangdong so-and-so paint



It is a joint venture between Yao Wenjiang and Alexander Robert Stenzel, director of T.Trading GmbH group, the largest importer of Chinese ceramic tiles in Europe. In the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands, India, Hong Kong, Italy has set up branches/offices, and set up international production research and development team, Product design studio in New York, Production equipment and product t



Belongs to the modern simple style, suitable for all kinds of fashion, personality of commercial projects, whether it is indoor and outdoor application, curtain wall paving, etc. 2CM+1CM” Weig quartz brick can meet individual needs. It is a waste utilization, renewable resources, is no radiation green environmental protection products.


The world's first 2CM quartz brick, following the trend of The Times and aesthetic taste of The Italian product design concept, led by the famous American designer Michael Golden research and development and design, relying on global resources, occupy the most cutting-edge information and development advantages, constantly leading the international forefront design trend.



Quartz brick quality control has formed the proprietary technology, including 2 patented technology, 6 proprietary technology, 1 initiative technology. Synchronous international production technology, the implementation of strict international quality control standards, forged weig quartz brick surface consistency, ultra-low water absorption and high wear resistance of excellent quality.

global strategy

We will implement a global strategy for sustainable development. In recent years, we have participated in bologna Exhibition in Italy, Coverings Exhibition in the United States, Dubai Exhibition, Verona Exhibition, Canton Fair and other ceramic exhibitions at home and abroad, and held a three-dimensional communication strategy combining online and offline activities of designers and various media


occupy the market 

Dig the channel construction of designers, hold the national first-tier city designers Forum, master the abundant designer resources. The products have been widely used in famous buildings in Holland, Sweden, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Nanjing, Guizhou, Shanghai, Xiamen and other places, pushing the application of Weig quartz brick to a new height.

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